Valentin Batteiger

Dr. Batteiger leads the research focus area on alternative fuels at Bauhaus Luftfahrt, a research institution with a long-term focus on future mobility and future air travel. His main research interest is on various alternative fuel pathways that potentially enable large-scale renewable fuel supply for aviation.
Dr. Batteiger has been involved in the first solar-thermochemical synthesis of kerosene within the EU projects SOLAR-JET and SUN-to-LIQUID (www.sun-to-liquid.eu). He co-authored a background paper on the perspective of power-to-liquid pathways for aviation (http://bit.ly/2cowOyf), and is responsible for the system analysis work of Bauhaus Luftfahrt within the German national project PowerFuel (BMWi Energiewende im Verkehr). PowerFuel demonstrates the full process chain from atmospheric CO2, H2O and electricity to jet fuel blend components. On the biofuel side, he coordinates the EU project HyFlexFuel (www.hyflexfuel.eu), which develops the technologies to convert a broad variety of organic feedstocks into upgraded fuel products via a hydrothermal liquefaction pathway. Valentin Batteiger represents Bauhaus Luftfahrt in the aireg initiative (aireg – Aviation Initiative for Renewable Energy in Germany e.V., https://aireg.de).

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